Floor Scrubbers


We have the reliable gear for a Professional cleaning.


Genie scrubbing machine is ideal for cleaning floors in small and cluttered spaces with a surface area of less than 1,000 sq.m., such as: offices, restaurants, bars, wellness centres, hair salons, boutiques, laundrettes, school classrooms, medical and dental clinics, veterinary clinics, chemist's, rest homes, theatres, kitchens, workshops, supermarkets, butcher's shops, train stations, subway stations, airports, homes, hotels, etc.

It's the perfect scrubbing machine for cleaning small surfaces that are currently being cleaned manually. Genie is revolutionary because it automates manual cleaning systems, thus ensuring considerable savings for the user.

Genie scrubbing model is available in both electrical (Genie E) and battery (Genie B) version, while the sweeping model, with its 2 cylindrical brushes, is available in the battery version alone


My50 scrubbing machine is particularly suitable for cleaning floor areas ranging from 1,000 to 1,600 sq.m. It is recommended for maintenance cleaning operations, as well as for any environment where difficult dirt residue may be present. Designed to meet the needs of demanding customers that require high productivity, low management costs and user-friendliness.

My50 is a semi-automatic walk-behind scrubbing machine with traction drive, cable or battery powered, with a single brush of 51 cm.

Small in its dimensions, but not in its performance

The small dimensions are balanced by the carefully studied spaces, which ensure exceptional comfort during work. Its design facilitates every movement, while intelligent technology makes using the functions so user-friendly that it seems natural. It is the product of an extraordinary study that has enabled the same features and options present on larger models to be integrated in such a small model, creating a scrubbing machine that is a little powerhouse.

BMg is available with 1 or 2 disc brushes, or with orbital brush head, with a rectangular pad. All models can be configured in Pro or Plus versions.

It is suitable for cleaning cluttered environments, supermarkets, schools, warehouses and laboratories.

Welcome to the dimension of cleaning 4.0!

MMg is an advanced, technological scrubbing machine that makes cleaning intelligent, interactive and easy. The most innovative solutions are used to get the best results and benefits in small and medium areas. The new design provides comfort and safety during use and highlights the product quality. It is available with disc or cylindrical brushes in both basic and Plus versions and as orbital scrubber. Plus versions are equipped with the innovative technology iD-intelligent Drive.

It is versatile, able to work in any environment and in any condition such as in supermarkets warehouses, shopping malls, production sites, swimming pools, gyms, car showrooms and service areas.

MMg perfectly embodies Industry 4.0 principles, for its connectivity, combination of technological innovations, and smart design. The FFM lets MMg communicate with you, anytime you want. Thanks to the iD system the operator can interact in a very different way, through a touchscreen display. Everything becomes as intuitive, fast and easy, as using a smartphone.