We have the reliable machines for a professional cleaning.


A compact hot water high pressure cleaner made up of high-quality components complying with DiBO’s rigid quality standards. By using a new type radial high pressure pump with 3 full ceramic plungers, there are less vibrations which results in a very noiseless machine. The IBH-S is also equiped with an innovating Dual Power Heating System. Preheating of the water in combination with a 50 kW GreenBoiler. Thanks to this unique combination there is always a buffer with hot water available. This also makes the high pressure cleaner more ecological. The temperature is regulated with a double electronic measurement, this assures a stable output temperature for constant cleaning performance. Suitable for a wide range of cleaning jobs.

Product specifications
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • A powder-lacquered steel frame >>> prevention from corrosion and robust
  • High quality materials: UV-resistant and thick walled rotation casted polyethylene in combination with stainless steel >>> very solid, colourfast and scratch protection and no corrosion
  • 2 integrated lance holders >>> ergonomic
  • 2 industrial casters with wheel brake system >>> stability and manoeuvrability
  • Large and sturdy wheels >>> mobile
  • Large control panel >>> easy to use
Technical specifications
  • Dual Power Heating System with 50 kW GreenBoiler and electric preheating: 50 kW GreenBoiler for a greater efficiency > 92% 1,5 kW electric heating 18% + 8% fuel saving Low CO2 emission Low CO emission Low maintenance cost
  • Radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves >>> fewer vibrations and less noise
  • Low-speed electic motor (1450 rpm) >>> less wear
  • Automatic start/stop system with 30 s shut-down-delay
  • Coarse particle filter
  • On/Off switch
  • Pressure controle valve to adjust the operating pressure
  • Chemical dosing system and Quick-fill cap for fuel tank refil
  • Double electronic temperature measurement system
  • Note: Monophase machines work as standard at 1 x 230 V - 50 Hz. 3-phase machines work standard at 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz. Other versions on request.